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Get the Nintendo Switch and Ring Fit Adventure for just £309

Play games while convincing everyone else you're just doing it to get fit

What was your New Year’s Resolution? If you were looking to get fit – and also play a few video games – you can get a cracking deal on the Nintendo Switch with a copy of Ring Fit Adventure thrown in, for the grand total of £309, knocking £61 off. Essentially, buy the Switch, get the game for free.

The Switch is a few years old now, but in this case, the Switch has just gone from strength to strength and the amount of games you can play on the Switch is genuinely phenomenal. A new update to the machine, the Nintendo Switch OLED, released in 2021 but only really provides an upgrade if you’re using it on the move. If you’re just going to connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV, this original console is still brilliant and still worth it. 

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In his 5-star Nintendo Switch review, Vaughn Highfield said: “You may position yourself as a member of the PC Master Race, an Xbox One warrior or a PS4 aficionado, but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t also own and enjoy a Nintendo Switch alongside any one of these platforms. It offers is a wealth of games you can’t get anywhere else and a level of portability that can’t be matched.”

Ring Fit Adventure is a keep-fit game with a fitness band that will genuinely help you get in shape, giving you a short bump of exercise once a day and increasing that challenge until you’re a buff athlete ready to take on the whole world. I have less experience with this, but a housemate of mine used it for an effortless way to add exercise into their life, and it might be an easier fit for people that’ve previously found the gym or running a bit uninspiring. 

Not to mention, now you can play all of those games guilt-free afterwards. 

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