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The Echo Dot with Clock is half price at Amazon

Time to buy

Of all the Amazon Echo devices in my house – and believe me, there are a lot having reviewed a bunch for this very site – my favourite is the Echo Dot with Clock. It might be the slightly nostalgic fuzzies it gives me for my childhood clock radio, but it’s cute as a button and its sound quality is excellent too.
Is it worth £10 more than the already excellent Echo Dot? Probably not – the clock segment is nice, but isn’t used for too much, other than displaying the time, current volume and temperature if you ask for it. But if the price was, say, £20 cheaper, it’d be a no brainer.
Surprise! That’s exactly what the price is now!
You can now buy the Echo Dot with Clock for £29.99 – half its usual £59.99 RRP, and £20 cheaper than the bog-standard Echo Dot. Annoyingly, Amazon only sells it in a Sandstone colour, which is nice enough, but it’s still a shame, given the regular Echo Dot comes in four different shades.    
As I outlined at the start, the Echo Dot with Clock is really just the same old third-generation Echo Dot with an added LED display. Everything else is the same, which means you get the same superb sound quality and smart speaker functionality in a puck-shaped little box. 
Granted, Alexa isn’t anywhere near as sharp as Google Assistant, but the built-in support for Audible is particularly welcome, and it’s still good for playing music from Spotify and telling jokes. 
Yes, jokes. Here’s a sample one I asked Alexa for just now to give you a taste. “What do you say when you bump into a unicorn at a party? Ouch.” 
Well, they can’t all be winners, eh? 
If you feel like bundling it with a smart screen, the Echo Show 5 is a less impressive £20 off. Still, that means you can buy the pair for under £90 which is a bit of a bargain in anyone’s book. 
Buy now from Amazon   

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