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Google Nest deals: Get two Nest Audio smart speakers and SAVE £55

One Google Nest Audio normally sells for £90

The Google Nest Audio is our favourite smart speaker at the moment. Yes, the new cantaloupe-shaped Amazon Echo is nice but, for me, the sound quality and superiority of Google Assistant over Alexa makes the Nest Audio the one to pick.

The problem is that Amazon is no stranger to reducing the price of its smart speakers as Black Friday approaches and, sure enough, you can already buy the all-new Echo for £60. Thankfully, BT has made Nest Audio just as competitive, reducing the price to just £70 – a £20 saving on its normal RRP.

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…or save even more with two for £125

But wait, it gets better. Scroll down the BT page a little further, expand the section labelled “Bundle deals” and you’ll find that buying two at a time will knock a further £15 off. That means you can get a pair of Nest Audio speakers for £125 – a frankly ludicrous saving of £55.

Why would you want two Nest Audio speakers? Well, for starters you can pair two speakers together for a stereo sound setup. If that doesn’t appeal, having Nest Audio speakers in multiple rooms is handy, and you can play music from room to room by saying something like “Hey Google, move my music to the kitchen speaker”.

Or I suppose you might want to gift the second one. Christmas is coming up, after all.

Whatever you do with your spare Nest Audio, this is a fantastic smart speaker at an even better price. As our head of reviews Jon Bray wrote: “It sounds great, looks great and works just beautifully; the only missing piece of the puzzle being the lack of 3.5mm input. For £89, though, you simply can’t go wrong.”

And, with two available for £125, it’s even harder to do so.

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