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Samsung Galaxy Watch deal: Grab a free wireless charging station, and a discount when you trade in an old smartwatch

A decent deal for Samsung’s latest wearable

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is still relatively new, and as such you shouldn’t expect amazing savings on it. A good compromise comes courtesy of Samsung’s own online UK store, which is offering a significant discount when you trade in an old smartwatch, as well as throwing its own dual wireless charging station into the mix.
Let’s start with the Wireless Charger Duo, as it’s a valuable freebie worth £80 when bought alone. It’s a wireless charger that can charge two devices at once, with a slot for both your brand new Galaxy Watch and your phone, assuming it supports it (and if you’ve bought a Samsung flagship since 2015 it’ll have it.) You could use it for any combination of wireless charging devices, of course, but that’s the expected use case.
Then there’s the option to trade in your current smartwatch, and doing that can get you up to £150 off – if you have a smartwatch that Samsung is willing to accept, that is. The Garmin Forerunner 935 gets you £150 of, while a Series 3 Apple Watch with 4G will secure a £125 discount. You can see the full list here.  
The Galaxy Watch itself is RRP – which means you’re looking at  £299 for the 46mm model, or £279 for the 42mm version. With the freebie and possible trade-in discount, that’s not bad, given we gave it four stars in our review. As Ed wrote at the time: “the Samsung Galaxy Watch improves on the Gear S3 in every conceivable way. Battery life, in particular, is stellar and the watch also fills adds the only significant hole in the Gear S3’s feature set – swim tracking. Bar a few annoying bugs, there’s very little reason not to buy the Galaxy Watch. It’s excellent.”
If you’re looking for something nearly as good which gets a significant Black Friday discount, then make sure you check out the Huawei Watch 2 – currently £170 at Amazon for the 4G version, or £80 at Argos when bought with select Huawei handsets. It has an RRP of over £300…
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