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This lit PS4 Pro deal gives you COD, Division 2 and NOW TV for £309

Get lootin' and shootin' with this PS4 Pro deal

GAME has a great pre-Christmas deal on the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB, offering up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Division 2 and a two month NOW TV Entertainment subscription for £309.

If military shooters are your thing, this is a great deal and will give you plenty of entertainment over the Christmas period, whether you want to shoot things or watch NOW TV’s huge collection of telly.

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You know what you’re getting with the PlayStation 4: it’ll play PlayStation 4 games, it’ll work with PlayStation 4 peripherals, and it’s great fun. The PlayStation 4 Pro will do everything that a regular PS4 can do, but it’ll do it better, in addition to outputting a 4K version of your favourite PS4 games, in addition to offering up HDR support.

It’s a nice piece of kit, and while it’s not quite the powerhouse that the Xbox One X is, the games library for the PlayStation 4 is one of the best of all consoles in recent memory, with a bunch of first-party exclusives like God of War, Bloodborne and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a great iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, with a solid single-player campaign and compulsive multiplayer, while Division 2 is an expansive tactical-shooter / MMO hybrid that lets you shoot and loot your way around Washington from your base in a ruined White House. The pair offer two distinct sides of the “hardcore shooter” coin, so if you’re into shooters, this is the deal you want to get a PlayStation 4 into your house for the Christmas season.

Keep your eyes open, and you can bag plenty of free games, too. Did anyone mention Fortnite?

Buy it now on GAME

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