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Bag a BRILLIANT bargain on a Henry vacuum cleaner ahead of Black Friday

The award-winning Henry Quick Hen has hit its lowest-ever price on Amazon for this pre-Black Friday deal

Ahead of Black Friday, you can now nab the Henry Quick Hen at its lowest price ever of £299. Down from an average price of £294, this deal is especially noteworthy as it brings the price of this well-regarded appliance to the lowest it’s ever been on the website.

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Awarded four out of five stars and an Expert Reviews Recommended award, the Henry Quick Hen stands out for its practical features and performance. One of its unique aspects is the requirement to use disposable bags for dirt collection, contrasting with most cordless sticks that are bagless. The vacuum includes 26 bags, which Numatic suggests could last a year depending on the size and cleanliness of your home. These bags are made from 65% recycled material, offering a cleaner and more hygienic emptying experience, though they do contribute to landfill waste​​​​.

In terms of performance, the Henry Quick Hen, despite having lower suction power compared to some competitors, excels in cleaning efficiency. It effectively picks up large amounts of debris, like Cheerios and flour, from both carpets and hard floors. The vacuum’s battery life is another strong point, lasting over an hour on the standard setting and boasting a quick charge time of approximately 2.5 hours​​.

The vacuum’s design and ease of use are also highlights. It has a simple mechanism for emptying the bag and doesn’t have the issue of hair tangling around the brush bar, a common problem in some vacuums. However, it lacks additional tools for cleaning hard floors, which might be a limitation for some users​​​​.

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Overall, the Henry Quick Hen‘s balance of performance, ease of use, and environmentally conscious design, as recognised by its Expert Reviews awards, make it a compelling choice, especially at this reduced price. While it has some limitations, such as the ongoing cost and environmental impact of its bags, its effective cleaning performance and user-friendly features make it a viable option for many households and a definite steal for Black Friday.