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Get a FREE Echo Dot with this bargain Blink doorbell bundle

Blink and you’ll miss it. Amazon has slashed the price of this great value smart doorbell and sweetened the deal with a FREE Echo Dot

The second Amazon Prime Day sale of 2022 has brought an avalanche of deals and discounts with it, and though the flurries are beginning to settle, the bargains aren’t done yet.

Among the most jaw-dropping of these deals is this bundle, packaging together a full-system Blink Video Doorbell, including the Blink Sync Module 2, and an Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. At its full price, this bundle already offers terrific value, kickstarting a smart home setup in one go, but this discount makes the whole package cheaper than it has ever been.

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On its own, the Blink Video Doorbell will currently cost you £53, which makes this bundle, adding the Blink Sync Module 2 and a 3rd generation Echo Dot, an outstanding bargain at just £54. Not only is this a massive drop from the previous price of £80, but it’s also the same price as the full-system Blink kit without the speaker. So essentially, you’re getting the Echo Dot for free.

In our full-length review, we gave the Blink Video Doorbell a four-star rating, for its ability to record video locally (thus eliminating the need for a subscription), and the option of both mains and batteries when it comes to powering the device. Better still, the full system option offered here includes the Blink Sync Module 2, which allows you to view the stream from the camera at any time, as well as record video clips without having to pay a monthly subscription.

Of course, it has its flaws. Video quality isn’t great and you don’t get some of the fancy features you do with pricier models. However, at £50, there’s only so much you can complain about, and we were happy to dub the Blink Video Doorbell “the best-value battery-powered doorbell around”.

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But that’s not all. In addition to the full video doorbell system, you get an Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker bundled in at no extra cost. It’s not the latest spherical model, unfortunately, but the 3rd generation is still an exceptional speaker that is packed with features. On top of the numerous uses of Alexa, this speaker can connect with the doorbell system and alert you to doorbell presses and motion activity.

All the individual elements of this bundle are great value by themselves, but when you lump it all together for this price, it’s even more of a bargain. If you were previously put off by the comparatively high price of some smart video doorbells and their subscription services, now’s the perfect opportunity to get yourself one on the cheap, and a smart speaker thrown in for good measure.

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