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This Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch deal is incredible value

Now over a third off with a free set of AKG headphones

When we first reviewed the Samsung Gear S3 back in 2016, we gave it a glowing five-star review, and that was at £350. As Darien wrote at the time: “Quality doesn’t come cheap, and if you’re looking for a smartwatch to partner your Android phone, the Samsung Gear S3 belongs at the very top of your list.”
Well apparently now quality does come cheap, because Argos has one hell of a deal on the Gear S3. For £199 you not only get the Frontier model of Samsung’s wonderful wearable, but you also get a set of £120 AKG headphones thrown in free of charge.  
Okay, let’s unpick that.
First of all, should you worry about buying three-year-old Samsung hardware? For phones, definitely. For smartwatches, it’s far less clear cut. Due to their limited functionality, chip speed is far less important than in smartwatches than it is on phones, and there doesn’t tend to be that big a speed bump between generations because there just isn’t the need.

So while the Samsung Galaxy Watch – the follow up to the Gear S3 – is a bit nicer, it’s not as significant as you might imagine, unless you want to track swimming. As Ed wrote in his review: “you might be just as happy with the Gear S3 or Gear Sport, both of which are now available for less.” Much less now.
And what about the free headphones? Do they pass muster? Well our review of the AKG Y50BT headphones, also from 2016, is equally glowing. The only complaint Cliff could find in his four-star review was that the controls can be a touch fiddly. “It’s telling that I have little more than minor complaints to direct at the Y50BT,” he wrote. “At this price, the combination of excellent sound and build quality mean that the Y50BT deserve to continue picking up awards in 2017.”
It’s hard to think of a better combination you could buy here in 2019, then. If you’re in the market for both a smartwatch and a set of headphones, then seriously: don’t delay.
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