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Deal alert: Get the Fitbit Versa on the cheap at Amazon

Regular or special edition: the choice is yours

The Fitbit Versa is the best thing that Fitbit has released in years. It’s a fine looking smartwatch that happens to tie in with the company’s excellent app to keep up that sense of friendly competition with your friends and family. Yes, it doesn’t have built-in GPS, requiring you to piggyback off your smartphone, but otherwise it’s pretty much flawless.
And now Amazon has reduced both the regular Versa and the special edition model in its summer sale. You can buy the regular model for just £139 or the special edition for £159 –  a saving of £60 on whichever one you choose to buy.
That raises an important question: which should you choose to buy? Well, the difference between the two is actually really simple: it’s that watch strap. While in the US, only the Fitbit Versa Special Edition has an NFC chip for contactless payments, on this side of the Atlantic, it comes included on both models. Not that it makes that big a difference, given the paucity of supported UK banks, but it’s the thought that counts.
So for our money, you’re probably best off saving £20 and getting the standard version, unless you really, really like that lavender strap. It can’t be bought elsewhere, but that £20 could buy one that’s more suited to your tastes anyway.
Whichever you get, you’re buying one excellent wearable, though. As Ed wrote in his review: “It looks and feels better than any other smartwatch that I’ve tested under £200, it’s considerably lighter and less bulky than all of its rivals, and then there’s the outstanding battery life. 
“The Versa lasts some three to four times as long as the Apple Watch Series 3. Let that sink in for a moment. You’ll only need to charge Fitbit’s smartwatch twice a week, at most.”
If you’ve been on the fence about buying one, now is an excellent time to come down and get one ordered. 
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