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The standalone Oculus Go VR headset is now 30% off

Look ma, no wires!

For a while, the only way to experience the magic of VR was with an expensive PC setup. Then Samsung and Google brought the bar a little lower, with the Gear VR and Google Daydream View respectively. You’d still need an expensive phone, mind.
Then Oculus made a completely mobile version of its Oculus virtual reality headset and it was a game changer. But at £200, it was still a pricey game changer, which is why the 30% discount at is worth a look for the VR-curious. You can get the Oculus Go for just £138.95.
Before I go any further I should stress that this isn’t the best way of experiencing mobile VR – that honour goes to the Oculus Quest, which also happens to retail for double the price. The difference is movement in 3D space: the Quest has built in camera to track your body movements, while the Go can just track your head. In other words, the Go will change the view as you turn your head, but won’t notice if you crouch or move forwards. The Quest will follow both.
Despite this limitation, the Oculus Go is still a good way of experiencing VR for novices, and Tom was certainly impressed in the pre-Quest days when we got our review unit in, describing it as “the best way to get into VR.”
“Oculus Go represents a step in the right direction for VR,” he wrote. “It’s certainly not for the hardcore VR convert, nor the professional VR user, as both demand the kind of processing power which currently only PCs (and, to a lesser extent, consoles) can deliver.
“What Oculus Go does, however, is prove that instant-on VR really can crack the code of mass market appeal. It’s capable enough to deliver an immersive VR experience, yet affordable enough not to put off huge swathes of its target market. If you’ve been debating whether to dip a toe in the virtual water but have so far resisted the urge, Oculus and Xiaomi have just provided the most convincing reason why you should take the plunge.”
That was true at the RRP of £200. At £138.95, it’s even more appealing.
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