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This Google Wifi Black Friday deal is seriously hard to beat

If you suffer from Wi-Fi black spots, here’s your chance to fix it on the cheap

Save 23% on the Google Wifi Home System

In their pre-Christmas sales, the kind folks at Amazon have put reductions on all Google Wifi home systems – whether it’s just the one point you need or a pack of three, you’ll enjoy substantial savings.

Amazon Was from £129 Now from £99 Buy Now

When I went freelance, my first problem to deal with was the fact that the Wi-Fi in my house was seriously patchy, and my desktop computer would struggle to stay connected at the snail’s pace I’d accepted as the norm in my study. I fixed that with a mesh Wi-Fi solution, and I wish I’d done it years ago frankly.
I considered Google Wifi, but was put off by the high price, despite our glowing review. If I were buying today though, I’d possibly have taken the plunge, because Amazon has made it a lot more competitive. You can get the three pack for £269 (down from £329), the two pack for £179 (down from £229) or a single unit for £99 (down from £129).
The pack you need depends on the size of your house. Google says that a one pack will be good for homes of 85 square metres, while a two pack will cover a house-sized 85 to 170 square metres. If your home is bigger than 170 square metres, you’ll want at least three units – though if that’s not sufficient for your majestic palace, you can add as many extra single units as you need.  
Being a, uh, price-sensitive consumer, I ended up going for BT Whole Home – which is also on offer, available for £84.99 as a two pack or £159.98 as a three pack – but Google offers a simplicity that others can’t quite match, as well as built-in machine learning that should theoretically help performance improve over time. As Jon wrote in his review: “Our only reservation is the price. At £229 it was a pretty tempting deal when it first launched, but now there are numerous rivals offering similar or better performance at lower prices.”
Now price is less of an issue, it’s a great time to buy if only Google will do.
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