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Get a DAZZLING Hisense washing machine deal from AO

Spend £50 less on Hisense’s fantastic A-rated all-rounder with this AO washing machine deal

If your current washing machine doesn’t spin like it used to and a budget-friendly replacement is just what you need, you’ll love this washing machine deal. The Hisense WFQA9014EVJM is usually fantastic value for money, but with AO’s £50 discount, it’s more affordable than ever. At the unmissable price of £349, the machine is a bargain that you’ll want to snap up as soon as possible.

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The Hisense WFQA9014EVJM is our favourite A-rated washing machine under £400 because it is super-affordable and cost-effective to run, but its merits don’t end there. A notable feature is the handy “Pause & Add” option, which allows you to pop any pesky leftover laundry into the drum for up to ten minutes after the start of the cycle, so you’ll never have to wear odd socks again. You can’t put a pause on this deal, though, when it’s gone it’s gone, so grab your Hisense washing machine before the offer ends.

In the words of our reviewers, the machine is, “a great all-rounder”. It runs quietly and is easy to use, its drum capacity is an impressive 9kg, it spins at a good 1400rpm and has 15 different wash programmes for the best washing results. The highlights are, the 15-minute quick wash and steam programmes, which kill bacteria and minimise odours, so your clothes come out smelling fresh, sparkling clean and super hygienic.

All in all, if you’re in the market for a new washing machine, the Hisense WFQA9014EVJM is a great option that’s perfectly capable of meeting the needs of large households, families with young children and even allergy sufferers. Even though it has always been great value for money, with a further £50 knocked off its price tag, there’s simply no excuse to let a washing machine deal like this pass you by.

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